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About us

Company Profile

    Beijing PowerInfo Co., Ltd. located in Beijing Tsinghua Technology Park is a high-tech enterprise under Tshinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. Founded jointly by top Chinese and international talents, the company specializes in video encoding and transmission. With innovation as its mission, the company demonstrates strong spirit for development, and it has gained multiple key patents. PowerInfo values preciseness and practical mind, as well as the teamwork spirit.


    As a core product of the company, PowerSmart Video encoder is a professional device for video encoding based on the leading technologies of video compression. It contains a series of advantages, such as conformity to international standards, high performance, high stability, flexible specifications, and strong extensibility, etc. The device has reached international advanced level in the terms of video encoding quality, performance optimization, transmission control, 3D encoding, multi-screen display, and security control, etc. PowerSmart also features several unique leading technologies, such as encoding optimization for roll titles, sports video encoding optimization, performance optimization for multi-bitrate encoding, and Internet flow control, etc. The PowerSmart portable encoder is of far better performance than its international counterparts in terms of multi-route video transmission and scene self-adaptation technologies.


    Currently, PowerSmart products are widely used by the most competitive businesses and mainstream institutions and organizations, such as many broadcasting operators, telco operators, video websites, government agencies, and high education institutes, etc. The products have taken up a 50% share in the domestic market. It is the No.1 brand of video encoders in China, and now it has successfully gained access to the international market.


    Technical progress is fleeting and ever changing..We always place the advanced quality and service satisfaction in our top priority. Our products support a wide variety of audio and video encoding and decoding standards across the globe. We constantly improve our technologies and innovation capabilities for our products, so that all of our clients are able to enjoy the best video encoding and transmission services with the lowest costs.


Company Mission

    Our company is staffed with the most excellent team of network video technology. For many years, we always focus on technical innovations. Through our unremitting efforts in research and development in the area of video compression and transmission, we constantly improve the video viewing experience of our terminal users. Our products based on the unified standards have achieved the best video quality and compression efficiency, almost guaranteeing the best viewing experience of playing on all devices. We constantly improves our products and services, No matter on televisions, computers, or mobile devices, online live streaming, or online VOD, outdoor mobile devices, or indoor stationary devices, ultra HD sport events live broadcast or newscasts, gaming entertainment or business promotion, PowerInfo is always able to present the absolute enjoyment of video viewing experience to you, create the freedom of video mobile watching, and build the smooth video world.


    Our mission is to optimize the quality of experience for terminal users by technology. No matter on what terminal such as LCD TV, tablet PCs, smart phones or digital projectors, or in what networks such as ADSL, wifi, 3G or 4G. We are able to guarantee the smoothness and clear definition of videos, without interruptions and distortion effects.


    The company provides services to various categories of clients for many years, such as TV stations, video websites, and government agencies. The PowerSmart product and service team have weathered a lot of challenges. PoverInfo is ever ready to solve technical and practical problems for our clients. The products are of great performance advantages. The team is highly responsive and experienced. Professionalism, concentration, and expertise are the essential elements of this team, as well as the cornerstones of our constant success.


Chronicle of Events

2014,the company released the first broadcast grade HEVC encoder for live broadcasts. The product was different from some of the international counterparts, which usually gain real-time operability through sacrificing encoding quality. PowerSmart encoder could apply most of the optimized algorithms of the HEVC standards. It was of obvious competitive advantages.

2013,the 3D-MVC Encoding technology jointly developed by Tsinghua University, our company, and the CNTV was awarded the First Prize for Technological Progress of Beijing.

2013,the company launched the Portable PowerSmart Encoder, which featured the advanced encoding technologies and the 3G multi-channel transmission, providing live broadcast services to multiple clients.

2012,PowerSmart provided services for CNTV to broadcast online 3D Spring Festival Gala.

2011,3D-MVC Encoding Technology was successfully displayed at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Tsinghua University.

2010,the statistic multiplex Reflex product of PowerSmart was launched in the domestic market.

2010,the company launched PowerSmart 3D Encoder, which could provide services of 3D video compression and transmission. The product can be widely used in various areas, such as broadcasting, Internet, defense, policing, and education. The PowerSmart 3D encoder is equipped with the MVC encoding module, which is the first of its kind in the domestic market, filling in the blank of independent intellectual property right.

2009,the PowerSmart encoders were applied in the construction project of the Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television Data Platform. The encoder supported a variety of practical functions,such as multi-screens, H.264-FLV encapsulation, and remote centralized administration, etc.

2008,H.264 encoding devices were in service to the live broadcasts of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which marked the first video live broadcast application based on the Flash format in China.

2004,the company successfully launched a integrated solution for IPTV, which integrated various service modes, such as VOD, live broadcasts, and time shifting.

2003,the company launched the PowerSmart 4.0 Broadband Multimedia Platform. The system allows multiple virtual operators to respectively provide distributive broadband services. The virtual operators are able to independently administer programs and set billing strategies respectively. The system was purchased and applied by dozens telco operators in the year.

1999,the company officially launched the PowerSmart VOD System, which was developed independently on its own. The system was the first of its kind in China with independent Intellectual Property Right, and it was the first VOD system that was able to operate based the public network of telecommunication.

1997,in partnerships with China Telecom Beijing Branch, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication, PowerInfo established a broadband network experiment that could support 6000 users based on the ATM system.