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PowerSmart - P10A Portable Encoder

product photoPowerSmart P10A is a multi-service real-time H.264 encoder. It incorporates the market leading advanced compression algorithms which result in high quality video compression in real-time, making it possible to transmit premium quality video content at the lowest bandwidth possible. Powersmart P10A has characteristics of small size, light weight, low noise, making it an ideal encoding solution for video conferencing, distance learning, surveillance and other applications that need quiet operating environment or require frequent relocation and installations.

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 Main Specification
Input:    Analog composite(NTSC / PAL)
 Full D1 / VGA / CIF
Channels:    Up to 1 channel
Output:    H.264 1.5Mbps D1
Host Weight:    3.8KG
Power Weight:    0.35KG
Physical:    75mm H x 300mm W x 200mm D
Materials:    Aluminum
Color:    Black
Power:    60W
Noise:    ≤38Db
Storage Temperature:    -20~70℃
Operating Temperature:    0~40℃ 
Option Module:    3G Module