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    ·   PowerSmart Video Encoder formally released (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart 3G video encoder formally released (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart Video encoder achieves three screen-in-one (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart adopts a number of core technologies and greatly improves H.264 encoder industrial standa (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart releases the portable encoder (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart VGA encoder released (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart releases HD H.264 Encoder (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart High-Definition (HD) Encoder Boosts HD Cable TV (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart Manager (N + M) System is Officially Released (2014-09-12)
    ·   Century Ding Point Sets up Broadcasting Network TV platform in Dongli District ,Tianjin (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart Reflex Initially Promotes the Statistical Multiplexing Products Domestically (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart Encoder Supports Both iphone and android Simultiniously (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart Assists in its Live Video Broadcast Reconstruction (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart Powers CNTV Live 3D Webcast of Spring Festival Gala (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart Powers "Diplomatic Conference on the Protection of Audiovisual Performances" (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart Encoder Serves LETV Again (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmarts Features Perfect Adaptive Multi-bitrate (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart releases the HEVC Encoder for Live Broadcast (2014-09-12)
    ·   PowerSmart Releases Portable Encoder, P12 (2014-02-17)
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