PowerSmart adopts a number of core technologies and greatly improves H.264 encoder industrial standa



PowerSmart H.264 encoder is the best encoder products in China which is on the leading position on coding quality, management control and industrial design. The products are widely used in fields such as broadcasting, telecommunications, Internet, political business, education and national defense with a good reputation.

On the basis of H.264 coding standard, PowerSmart mixed the high performance calculation, coding optimization and stream media transmission technology together and adopted the particular innovative calculation method and finally produced the series of H.264 coding/ trans-coding products. The overall technology of PowerSmart has reached the international advanced level , and some technical indicators are even in the leading position.

The core research and development team members are all possess professional background and years of actual R&D experience, most of them are from Tsinghua University and Beijing University. PowerSmart also set up long term cooperative research mechanism with Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications as technical and human resources reservation for future development.

 PowerSmart adopts the following particular techniques:
-High performance coding 
Adopting the Parallel Collaborative Computing technology, It can allocate computing capacity and bus resources dynamically, thus to improve the coding efficiency effectively, thereby  improving the coding quality.

-Internet oriented Flow Control Algorithm
We developed PowerSmart-CBRTM flow control strategy based on CBR flow control strategy for the Internet band width change rule as well as range of variation.

-Adaptive Image Search Strategy
According to the different scenes, PowerSmart can select different image search algorithm set automatically. And simultaneously, it can achieve the effective balance in the estimated performance and the video quality based on the code effective revision algorithm set.

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