PowerSmart Video Encoder formally released




PowerSmart is a special hardware device for video encoding based on professional video compression technology developed by Powerinfo Co., Ltd. It has features such as supporting international standards, high performance, flexible configurations and strong scalability etc.

The H.264 standard used in PowerSmart is a video compression standard being jointly developed by ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group and ISO/IEC Motion Picture Experts Group.   Comparing with the MPEG-2 coding algorithm which is widely used now, H.264 can save 60% transmitting bandwidth and storage space under the equivalent quality and it can also save more than 30% transmitting bandwidth and storage space even compared with MPEG-4 coding algorithm. PowerSmart not only supports Baseline Profile, Main Profile and High Profile of H.264 standard, but also can automatically select the proper Profile according to the actual application scenarios to provide the best visual experience.

PowerSmart is a special embedded encoder device with dedicated hardware design and good thermal dissipation thus can support 7*24 hours of continuous work.

As the perfect combination of H.264 and Flash, and without any installation of special player plug-in, the end-user of PowerSmart can visit the high quality video stream output of the encoder by a browser which can reduce the cost effectively. Meanwhile, PowerSmart can support the WMV coding format and can be directly received by MediaPlayer.

PowerSmart supports the standard TS and ISMA output protocol, and the world standard STB device can receive video stream directly and display on TV.

PowerSmart encoder products are now widely-used in more than 100 governments, schools, telecommunications and broadcasting operators.


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